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Well, hey, this is your friendly local community creator. Welcome to op_rewatch. Hope you enjoy it here, nice to meet you, etc. Not much else to say, except a quick run-through of the rules:

Feel free to post on your own.

I don't have the time or energy to be OCD about moderating. Moderate yourselves.

For the sake of general prettiness and ease of access please follow these three short tagging guidelines:
1. Tag all your posts.
2. Tag them with the episode number. (Not "episode 122", just "122")
3. Please make the numbers 3 digits long (not "1" but "001")

Obviously people sometimes forget to tag their posts... Unless this comm suddenly explodes with activity I think I'll manage to fix tags myself. It's fine.

Other than that, the posts can be more structured, screencappy etc, or they can just be incoherent squeeing. It's fine.

And just because someone else has posted their response to an episode doesn't mean you can't as well. You could check to see if what you have to say would fit fine as a comment on their post but if it's sufficiently different in take to feel off-topic on theirs...

Episode 1- "I'm Luffy! The Man Who's Gonna Be King of the Pirates!"
Rewatching, I'm reminded how much better than anime does this than the manga- most specifically, that they included Nami in all the episodes up to her introduction was a brilliant idea (for the most part- once or twice having her in the background of a scene seems a bit of a stretch). Koby is /much/ less annoying the second time around. I found this episode to be less annoying than I had remembered, actually. (The first time I was introduced to One Piece, I was so turned off by this episode I nearly stopped watching. The flash of Zoro at the end was the only thing that stopped me...)

screencaps may come some other time.


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