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episode 30
hetalllia wrote in op_rewatch
Of all the strawhats, Sanji has the most typical teenage-adolescent-leaving home arc. i.e. for Zoro and Luffy we don;t get to see their departure from their hometowns in-depth at all (technically we get a short shot of zoro leaving, but whatever...) and Usopp has to leave secretly, with no fanfare, and Nami... is already an "adult" when she leaves, to a certain extent (later we have chopper, though...)
But Sanji gets the full fledgeling-leaving-nest treatment. It makes it quite moving to watch, actually.

this followed by that short, very telling gem:
L: Ah, gin said that? To you? (aka -hint hint nudge nudge-)
(sure, Sanji, keep telling yourself that...)

oh, and then there's this:

lol luffy.

guh. I really miss Sanji's smile. I really miss all of them and their naive dorface kid selves. I mean I guess it's inevtiable as part of growing/maturing that the characters of the series become more serious (even as the series itself remains... at it's heart charmingly immature) BUT. At the same time...

I am very curious here about the significance of Zeff using his hand, not his foot (commented on by the crew).
Is it part of his acting, to emphasize how much he "hates" the soup?
Is it a (intentional or not) hole in his acting, in that in his heart he's not actually hitting Sanji and therefore he's allowed to use his arm (if it were real, he'd use his legs)?
or maybe it's some symbolic thing, regarding this having to do with Sanji growing up. (i.e. this is "cooking". sort of. ...-blink-)

sanji's whole response to the show is so... poignant. he runs off like your quintessential teen.
but then he comes back to hear them discussing how it's all a ruse... and i like how he tries, and fails, to light a cigarette and compose himself. it's very, very telling.

when the final moment comes, though, he plays it off:

and then we have some shots of him preparing for leaving... God, this part hit me in the gut so hard. Meditating alone in the emptiness of a place that is part of your heart... I related so strongly I was near tears (okay, the part where his fond memories involve being beaten up, not so much, but there you go, Zeff and sanji's dysfunctional relationship.)

and finally, when he's leaving.
this can pretty much be told entirely in pictures, but i didn't screencap that first bit where Luffy asks if he has any goodbyes and he says, too cavalierly with a small smile: "Nah". And then Zeff calls out out him and...

oda quickly lampshades what he was subverting here.

and we have this final shot. *sniff* beautiful


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