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Episode 109
hetalllia wrote in op_rewatch
...after episode 52, this has got to be my favorite episode thus far. oh, it is such a joy to watch.

additional memorable moments:
luffy and zoro beating the bananadiles moments after being freed...
the entire smoker--zoro--luffy---zoro--smoker interaction-- it was so beautiful i cried, and then i died of laughter.

basically, the entire episode. from start to finish. was beautiful. drama, comedy, everything was pitch-perfect... (well, okay, if we're going to majorly split hairs /some/ of the angsty wangsty vivi--- no. i take it back. it was all brilliant. BRILLIANT. even this second time around, when i knew crocodile was going to produce the real key, i was still overcome with joy. IT WAS SUCH A PERFECT MOVE FOR A VILLAIN TO MAKE. GUH. Oda why are you so amaaaaaaazing)


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I think 224 was the most hilarious episode ever. xD My sis and I re-watched it 5 times or so and it never gets old. Most of it minus the battle was hilarious!

...I think i might never have watched that episode /FAIL

oh well, means i have something to look forward to this time around!

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