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Episode 52- "Buggy's Revenge! The Man who Smiles on the Execution Platform!"
hetalllia wrote in op_rewatch
I do not know how many times I have watched this episode- and yet every single time it gives me chills. Chills.

I miss Alvida. Buggy came back, but she didn't- really a pity.
On the other hand she's kinda VERY reminiscent of Boa Hancock. Blablabla too beautiful to be attacked blablabla in love with Luffy. I'd be totally interested in seeing them meet.

The entire interaction between Buggy and Luffy cracks me up so much. Scenes like this were what made me like Buggy in his reintroduction (which I otherwise would not have been so gung-ho about... in his arc he's kidna eh) But then you have the entire chibi-buggy adventure and suddenly you can't help but love the guy (which is part of what makes me SUPER SAD that the anime did NOT include most of the other title-page arcs. The Baroque Works restaurant! I wants it! And so many of them ended up plot relevant it really was just unfair)

There's loads of realy dramatic music which totally works for me because guh, this episode gets me EVERY DAMN TIME. Smoker's narrating to himself (by the way young smoker is SO CUTE)...

i love how amidst all the drama and tension you still get this:

I mean, Luffy's face ALONE made me want to die laughing-

and then. and then.

The echo. The everything. I have to pause to catch my breath, I'm hyperventilating, and then I end up replaying that line like a hundred times. It never gets old. AGH. It overshadows even the later moment in which he smiles--

Well, that moment is somewhat different in tenor anyway because I'm busy crying my heart out for poor Zoro and Sanji, who are so DESPERATE and yet inadequate-- I know fate etc or just luck saves Luffy in the end but for that split moment I can HEAR Zoro and Sanji's hearts shattering into bits and pieces.

This whole episode is basically HUGE and INTENSE and I basically can never just watch it once, I have to watch the best parts several times over before I'm ready to move on.
Also lolwhut at Dragon's apparating through the mists.



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