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Episode 34- Everyone's Gathered! Usopp Speaks the Truth About Nami!
hetalllia wrote in op_rewatch
What a perfect episode. This reminds me why I loved the Arlong arc so much.

Alright, so the suspense about Usopp being dead is over as soon as the title credits flash-- well, I guess it didn't need to be stretched out much longer, although I did enjoy it while it lasted. I remember the first time I watched this arc for a qhile I was genuinely doubtful... They did a good job, swaying you back and forth.

Now that I think about it, though, has the crew ever been betrayed? They've only ever been faux-betrayed (a friend seems to betray them but doesn't) or, even more, reverse-betrayed--- where someone who was seemingly bad turned out to be good. I think for once I'd like to see them actually betrayed, but on the other hand in this series it seems so unlikely. Oda can't even make his evil characters 100% bad... to start off having us like someone and then make them bad seems... Well, then again, who knows.

Anyway. This is already in 33 but there's the hysterical landing of the boat (with Zoro plastered on the front). Ah, that was priceless, and Luffy's reactions were just...

Okay, fine, Luffy throughout this episode was amazing. When he sat down to go to sleep? Guh, I grin like an idiot every time I watch/read that. Nami getting so upset over it, also.

And Sanji nosebleeding over tsun!Nami made me giggle. Then of course the standard Zoro Sanji bickering. It's just impressive, how within a very dramatic arc there's still all this interaction, and and aaaah this episode reminded me so much why I love One Piece.

Anyway. Then it's time to establish how badass Arlong is, and further intensify the plight of the villagers, with the failed rescue attempt of the 77th fleet. Arlong chews up a cannonball, OW. And then the ship gets pwned-- i got chills watching the three fishmen (not mermen, right? it's the upper half). Poor villagers.

Back to luffy, and Zoro is Zoro, <3. I absoutely FANGIRL every time zoro goes all "first mate", "captain's orders". I think it's such a significant and lovely part of his character gaaah i die.


some manly conversation between zoro and sanji

usopp running...

some slightly less manly conversation...

"He's alive?"
"No, i'm pretty sure he's dead now"


"Er... no. That was me and Zoro..."
"It was you."

Nami's flashbaks are the SWEETEST THING EVER I need more nakamashippy flashbacks IN GENERAL little two-second vignettes like that FGHFGGDHFDFGHDHFGGH WORDS FAIL.


The sobfest is upcoming and only the knowledge that it will be followed by luffy kicking ass comforts me. This arc is the best East Blue arc in part because it has the absolute most loathsome villain and waaaaah.